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Edge stripes recycling

Hellweg Maschinenbau

Series R - Guillotine

Processing of film sealed edge strips

Edge strips arise during film production with seaming of the film.

The Hellweg R 200/20 edge cutting equipment shreds the edge strips that are fed to it, from where they are passed to a granulator for further processing.


The equipment can be optionally used for one or two edge strips. Special guides and a hardened knife support plate ensure long life.


The benefits:

  •  very solid construction
  • for film thicknesses up to 20 mm
  • hardened knife support plate
  • harded long life excenter roll
  • very easy handling
  • special long life guides
  • designed for continuous 24h operation
  • direct use at the production location
  • working width adjustable rack
  • high quality knives
Product details

Techn. data:

Working width:200 mm
Material thickness:18 mm
Motor output:2.2 kW
Cutting frequency:appr. 1.5 cut/s
Nominal weight:appr. 205 kg
Dimens. (WxLxH):1.183 x 678 x 934 mm

Punched skeleton processing - Series R

Processing of film sealed edge strips

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