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Machine-side-granulators - 0.75 - 5.5 kW

Characterised by particularly flat construction, Hellweg machine-side granulators can be easily connected to one or more injection moulding machines. Extremely bulky sprue cores, sprue gating and runners can be removed after opening of the moulding tool on the injection moulding machine and transferred to the granulator’s intake shaft.

Material intake can take place as desired, via a chute, free-fall hopper or conveyor belt, material being removed by connection of an extraction system with available standard extraction fittings. A so-called “high stand” is offered as an option for mounting underneath the granulator in order to fill the regrind into a bulk container or bags.

Series 100

Mini Machine-side granulator for smallest sprues
The 100 series beside-the-machine granulators represents an economical solution for use alongside injection moulding machines with a medium amount of sprues to be processed.  ... more

Series 150

Machine-side granulators for sprues and parts
The 150 series beside-the-machine granulators are ideal for extremely bulky sprue cores, sprue gating and complete sprue and runner systems. ... more

Series 200

Strong Machine-side granulators for highest demands
The 200 series beside-the-machine granulators are suitable to meet the requirements of the blow moulding industry, especially for grinding of PET performs and PET bottles.  ... more