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Edge stripes recycling

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Series LSZ - feeding and grinding

Processing of profiled sheet edge strips

Plastics granulate is made into sheeting with cast extrusion and processed further with thermoforming into, for example, profiled dimpled sheet, green roof matting, etc.

The two edge areas are trimmed to remove swollen areas that usually arise at the edges.

The Hellweg LSZ 150/100 edge strip granulator enables processing of these profiled sheet edge strips, an application area where feeding with conventional feeding equipment is problematic.

The benefits:

  • simultaneous pulling and shredding
  • size reduction without sieve
  • high performance gear drive
  • fast and easy cleaning
  • no re-sharpen needed
  • adjustable speeds by use of
  • a frequency converter
  • direct use at the production location
  • designed for continuous 24h operation
  • with tastarm as control-signal
  • compact, space saving design
Product details

Techn. data:

Working width:150 mm
Diameter of rolls:100 mm
No. of milling rolls:4
Motor output:1,5 kW
feeding speed:0,8 - 6 r.p.m.
Nominal weight:appr. 300 kg
Dimens. (WxLxH):850 x 660 x 1.350 mm

Punched skeleton processing - Series LSZ

Processing of profiled sheet edge strips

Details - Series LSZ