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Dust removal equipment

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Dust removal and extraction equipment

Hellweg dust removal equipment serves to separate dust from granulate. A ventilator conveys the regrind by blowing it into a separation cyclone, where granulate with dust falls downwards. The ventilator air exits from the top and is cleaned in an attached dust filter hose. The granulate and dust are separated from each other in a pre-cleaner by means of the attached dust fan. The dust-free granulate falls further downwards into an attached bag or a wire mesh container. Dust is separated out in the attached dust cyclone and falls down into a bag.
The extraction air from the dust fan is also cleaned, through 2 filter bags. Fineness of the separated dust can be set by means of a throttle flap (between the dust fan and pre-cleaner).

Dust removal equipment- for dust-free regrind

The Hellweg dust removal equipment serves to separate dust from regrind. The conveying fan blows the ground material into a separation cyclone. There, the ground material falls down with the dust. .  ... more

Mobile vacuum extraction

All Hellweg granulators are fitted with a standard vacuum connection. The ground material can be directly conveyed away from the collection container.   ... more