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Film cutter

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Film cutter - Type A

Single blade - Blown films brought into shape with a sharp cut

Film cutters from Hellweg are used in blown film lines to cut open the laid down blown film, e.g. in HDPE, LDPE, LDPE, etc, and to convert them into web strip form.


Cutting of the film takes place here with commercially available high sharpness cutting blades with long working lifetime, which are held against a stop plate in the film cutter housing and additionally held in place by magnets.

The low maintenance film cutters are fitted with quick-change devices that enable changing of blades during running production.

The benefits:

  • designed for 24h continuous operation
  • 1/8" air connection for 5 nozzles at the tip for easy pre-opening of the film bubble
  • stainless steel rolls on ball bearings with blade guidance
  • fast blade changing through use of magnetic retention
  • used right at the production location
  • parts subject to wear are exchangeable, e.g. chromed heads
Product details

Techn. Data:

Material thickness:0,005 - 0,2 mm
Blade dimensions:43 x 22 x 0,4 mm
air connector:1/8"
Dimens. (WxLxH):12 x 130 x 210 mm

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