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Edge stripes recycling

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Series RS - feeding-in device

Feeding equipment for film edge strips

Film edges are cut during production of cast film to ensure consistent thickness over the entire film width. The Hellweg film feeding equipment can take in two film edge strips (series 180) at different speeds, which may be set at any desired speed using frequency converters.

A particular characteristic of the new film feeding equipment is the very simple handling and operation that is enabled through the use of a novel roll intake system. This adjusts itself during the running process to the given and also varying film thicknesses. Rest periods or adjustment work by the operator are therefore not required.

The benefits:

  • application-specific move-roles
  • solid construction for thicknesses up to 8 mm
  • grade-loose adjustable speed-areas
  • varius and adjustable rotation speed ranges
  • use of a tastarmes of bar-control
  • very easy handling, no adjustments
  • direct use at the production location
  • designed for continuous 24h operation
  • singles- and doubles-rolls available
  • can be retrofitted with any grinder with an open rotor
  • compact, space saving design
Product details

Techn. data:

Working width:80 - 900 mm
Diameter of rolls:100 mm
Material strengths:0,05 - 8 mm
Motor output:0,37 - 1,5 kW
Speed:1 - 180 r.p.m.
Nominal weight:appr. 65 - 280 kg

Punched skeleton processing - Series RS

Feeding equipment for film edge strips

Details - Series RS