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Series 200 - motor output: 2.2 - 5.5 kW

PET-Recycling: Processing of PET preforms and PET bottles

The Hellweg 200 series beside-the-machine granulators are suitable to meet the requirements of the blow moulding industry, especially for grinding of PET performs and PET bottles.


The grinding chamber is constructed in such a way that optimum material input is ensured, in particular, also with lightweight hollow items such as bottles, canisters and other containers.


Material can be removed by connecting freely available standard extraction fittings. A tall rack is offered as an option to fill the ground material into a bulk  container or bags.

The benefits:

  • performance-enhancing diagonal/helical cut
  • ideal granulate quality with very low dust
  • very quick sieve and knife change
  • outer bearing assembly fitted, dust protection
  • wear resistant versions for reinforced plastics
  • structural design for easy, complete cleaning through absence of dead corners
  • direct mounting of the knives on solid rotors
  • eliminating need for rotor knife adjustment
  • both rotor and stator knives can be re-sharpened many times due to their structural design
  • stiff, solid and non-twisting rotors
  • belt drive with high performance
  • high throughput at low drive power
  • almost maintenance-free
Product details

Techn. data:

Working widths:240 / 320 / 410 / 650 / 1.050 
Rotor diameter:200 mm
Motor output:2,2 - 7,5 kW
No. of rotor knives:3 - 5
No. of stator knives:2
Rotor speed:280 r.p.m.
Nominal weight:appr. 340 - 900 kg
Grinding output:appr. 50-  250 kg/h

Machine-side-granulators - Series 200

Processing of PET preforms
and PET bottles

Details - Series 200