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Mobile vacuum extraction

Mobile vacuum extraction for regrind

All Hellweg granulators are fitted with a standard vacuum connection.


The ground material can be directly conveyed away from the collection container by means of mobile vacuum extraction plant and, depending on the need, then filled in, for example, a bag or Big Bag (IBC).

The benefits:

  • easy handling
  • fast and easy to clean
  • customer orientated construction
  • customer orientated realization
  • optional with metal-separator
  • for filling in boxes, Big Bags (IBC), etc.
Product details

Techn. data:

Output suction:up to 300 kg/h
Output suction:0,75 - 2,2 kW
Nominal weight:appr. 80-120 kg
Dimensions(BxLxH):appr. 800 x 800 x 2.000 mm