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Punched skeleton

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Punched skeleton processing

In the thermoforming process, mainly packaging products (cups, blister packaging, boxes, etc.) are punched out from roll-fed film web or from sheet. The resulting residual thermoplastic plastic skeleton is processed into re‑usable regrind in “RST Thermoform” series granulators.

RST Thermoform granulators are equipped with a special intake section, provided as vertical or horizontal option versions.

Feeding of punched skeletons into the granulator hopper takes place under frequency or dancer arm control, whereby the intake rate is adjusted according to the production machine, so that production fluctuations are compensated.

Series RST

Thermoforming - punched skeleton processing
The thermoplastic punch skeleton waste arising here is re-processed by the new “RST Thermoform” granulator into re-usable regrind material.  ... more