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Series RST Thermoform - punched skeleton processing

Efficient punched skeleton processing
Strips of foils or sheets are punched out in the thermoforming process, especially for packaging products (cups, blister packs, boxes, etc). The thermoplastic punch skeleton waste arising here is re-processed by
the new “RST Thermoform” granulator into re-usable regrind material.
RST Thermoform granulators are fitted with special feeding equipment that can be provided in optional vertical or horizontal versions. Punched skeleton feeding into the granulator hopper takes place with frequency or dancer arm control, whereby the intake is adjusted according to the feed rate of the production machine, so that fluctuations are compensated.

The machines are equipped with a stiff torsion-resistant rotor, in open or closed design, that is produced from one solid piece of metal.

The benefits:

  • stiff torsion-resistant rotor made from one piece
  • performance-enhancing diagonal cut
  • ideal granulate quality, similar grain
  • no need to adjust the rotor knife
  • outer bearing assembly fitted, dust protection
  • grade-loose adjustable speed-areas
  • varius and adjustable rotation speed ranges
  • use of a tastarmes of bar-control
  • very easy handling, no adjustments
  • direct use at the production location
  • application-specific move-roles
  • can be retrofitted with any grinder with an open rotor
  • compact, space saving design
Product details

Techn. data:

Working widths:650 / 1.200 mm
Diameter of rotor:200 mm
rotor blades:3 - 5
Material strengths:0,02 - 2 mm
Motor output:4,0 - 7,5 kW
Speed:1 - 150 r.p.m.
Nominal weight:680 - 1.250 kg

Punched skeleton processing - Series RST Thermoform

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