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Edge stripes recycling

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Series RC - In-Pipe Cutter

Profitable side issue – Volume reduction of edge stripes at the production of flat foils

Cast films are fabricated by cutting off of the two film side edges in order to ensure consistent thickness over the whole film width.

The continuous strips that arise are cut into short pieces with the Hellweg film edge strip shredder. The cuttings produced can then be transported over long distance pipeline for disposal, or passed to a subsequent compounding operation.

Only plane re-sharpening is needed. No rotative grinding process.

The benefits:

  • no rotative grinding necessary
  • easy straight/plane re-sharpening
  • can be retrofitted to parcelling machines
  • no adjustment of the rotating blades
  • various rotation speed ranges
  • adapter for multiple connection to handle bundles of up to 8 edge strips
  • high precision rotor produced without imbalance using CNC for exactly and sharp cuts
  • solid version for cutting in thickness up to 5mm
  • direct use at the production location
  • designed for continuous 24h operation
  • compact, space saving design
  • very easy handling
Product details

Techn. data:

Working widths:154 mm
Rotor diameter:180 mm
Material strengths:0,005 - 5 mm
No. of rotor knives:2
Motor output:0,55 - 0,75 kW
Rotor speed:700 - 3.000 r.p.m.
Nominal weight:appr. 45 kg
Dimens. (WxLxH):650 x 280 x 255 mm

Punched skeleton processing - Series RC

In-pipe cutter - volume reduction of edge strips