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Strong Laboratory mills: 0.55 - 1.5 kW

Hellweg small, compact laboratory granulators are stabile and have solid construction. Their application area stands out significantly from standard laboratory granulators. While conventional commercially available laboratory granulators work at very high speed and can granulate light samples down to particle size under Ø 1 mm, Hellweg laboratory granulators take a different approach. As usual with other Hellweg models, they work at lower speed, with clean cutting and required traction.

Hellweg laboratory granulators are therefore able to also process heavier samples, thick sprues or small moulded parts, just like a typical machine-side granulator. The result is regrind that is exactly comparable with that from a machine-side or central granulator: clean-cut edges, in homogenous form and stabile in further processing.

Hellweg laboratory granulators can additionally be integrated directly within the machine base of an injection moulding machine or used as miniature machine-side granulators. Among others, they granulate here sprues arising on small to extremely small parts during so-called micro injection moulding – for example in telecommunication, such as for mobile phones, or medical products such as syringes, cannulae, etc.

Series 80

Strong Laboratory granulators up to 1.5 kW
The small, compact 80 series of beside-the-machine granulators are used directly mounted on the frame of an injection moulding machine or beside-the-machine. ... more

Series 100

Mini Machine-side granulator for smallest sprues
The 100 series beside-the-machine granulators represents an economical solution for use alongside injection moulding machines with a medium amount of sprues to be processed.  ... more