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MRS - Material Recycling System

Closed loop - save processing of CD/DVD sprues

The production of prerecorded/recordable/rewritable optical media (CD, DVD & smart cards) generates tons os so-called "sprues" annualliy.

The usual way to dispose of this production wastes is collection, storage and finally dispatching to a raw material supplier. This Material Recycling System (MRS) recycles these sprues in a closed loop process: The MSR unit collects sprues directly from the moulding machine, grinds them and re-injects them with the "virgin" polycarbonate (PC).


The closed loop system prevents impurities from mixing with the recycled polycarbonate and therefore maintains the PC`s quality.

The benefits:

  • slow running granulator (280 rpm)
  • ideal granulate quality with very low dust
  • co-rotating rotor discs prevents material trapping between rotor and housing
  • special sieves guarantee constant grain size
  • quick sieve and knife change
  • no need to adjust the rotor knife
  • knives can be reground several times
  • external bearing, dust resistant
  • basin with connector for suction
  • almost maintenance-free
  • easy and fast handling
  • opening without tools
  • CE certified
Product details

Techn. Data:

Working width:50 mm
Rotor diameter:80 mm
Motor output:0,75 kW
No. of rotor knives:3
No. of stator knives:2
Rotor speed:280 r.p.m.
Nominal weight:appr. 43 kg
Grinding output:appr. 3 - 5 kg/h

CD/DVD recycling - MRS

CD/DVD sprue recycling

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