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Edge stripes recycling

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Edge stripes feeding and cutting equipment

Film edge-strip recycling

In production of cast film, film web side edges are cut off, so that consistent thickness of over the final film width is ensured. Hellweg Maschinenbau offers numerous solutions relating to the subject of edge-strip processing. Processing of edge-strips can be performed so as to produce granules, or just as coarse shredded material in order to just reduce waste volume.

The main focus of attention in the choice of the right product is edge-strip thickness, surface quality and line speed. The appropriate type of granulator within the available edge-strip granulator models can be established from the combination of these particular factors.

The Hellweg edge-strip product programme consists of:
Granulators to take in cast film, granulators with intake for flat edge-strips, pipe cutters connected to edge‑strip extraction, guillotines for thick film and toothed roll granulators for profiled edge‑strips.

Series RS

Feeding-in-device for edge stripes
The film feeding equipment can take in two film edge strips at different speeds, which may be set at any desired speed using frequency converters.   ... more

Series RST

Thermoforming - punched skeleton processing
The thermoplastic punch skeleton waste arising here is re-processed by the new “RST Thermoform” granulator into re-usable regrind material.  ... more

Series LSZ

Processing of profiled sheet edge strips
The LSZ 150/100 edge strip granulator enables processing of these profiled sheet edge strips, an application area where feeding with conventional feeding equipment is problematic.   ... more

Series RC

Volume reduction of edge effects in cast film productionC
ast films are fabricated by cutting off of the two film side edges in order to ensure consistent thickness over the whole film width. The continuous strips that arise are cut into short pieces with the Hellweg film edge strip shredder. .  ... more

Series R

Guillotine - Processing of film sealed edge strips
The R 200/20 edge cutting equipment shreds the edge strips that are fed to it, from where they are passed to a granulator for further processing.   ... more