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Series 250 - Motor output: 1.1 - 2.2 kW

Slow running granulators - Series 250 - slow running roll mill

series 250 - slow running roll mill - Slotter – low dust granulation without sieve

The Hellweg ”Slotter” (”Slow Cutter”) type roll mill works without use of sieves and with low speed of just 25 rpm, so that gentle granulation of sprues and gating parts takes place, preventing thermal degradation, ensuring faster output of ground material and regrind with an extremely low level of dust, that is often a decisive criterion to ensure that the material can be returned to the production process.


Extremely fast and easy cleaning is enabled by division of the grinder into two sections.


Product details

Techn. data:

Working widths:150 / 250 / 330 / 410
Milling rolls diameter:105 mm
Motor output:1,1 - 2,2 kW
No. of milling rolls:4 - 10
No. pre-shredders:1 - 4
Milling rolls speed:25 r.p.m.
Nominal weight:appr. 290 - 540 kg
Grinding output:

appr. 5 - 25 kg/h

The benefits:

  • extreme slow runner, only 25 r.p.m.
  • less dust size reduction without sieve
  • very compact, space-saving construction
  • large pre-shredder Ø 250 mm
  • very fast and easy to clean
  • ideal granulat quality from 4-8 mm
  • high quality milling rolls
  • no need to re-sharpen
  • high-torque geared motor
  • double-sided external bearing
  • wear resistant versions for reinforced plastics
  • basin with connector for suction
  • almost maintenance-free
  • easy and fast handling
  • CE certified

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