Series 180 - Motor output: 3 - 5.5 kW

Central processing, high flexibility and reliable grinding

Operation of only one central Hellweg granulator can be advantageous, compared with buying several beside-the-machine granulators. Lower investment costs and better machine utilisation can then mean greater profitability.

On-line recycling directly at the injection moulding machine is not always possible.  So rejected parts, sprues and runners can be collected within a plastics processing operation and passed to the Hellweg Series 180 central granulator fitted with extraction equipment.


Both lightweight and thinwalled, as well as heavy and thick-walled parts can be ground.


Product details

Techn. data:

Working width:240 mm
Rotor diamete:180 mm
Motor output:3 - 5,5 kW
No. of rotor knives:3 - 5
No. of stator knives::2
Rotor speed:490 r.p.m.
Nominal weight:appr. 600 kg
Grinding output:appr. 70 - 120 kg/h

The benefits:

  • performance-enhancing diagonal cut
  • ideal granulate quality with very low dust
  • outer bearing assembly fitted, dust protection
  • wear resistant versions for reinforced plastics
  • structural design for easy, complete cleaning through absence of dead corners
  • stiff, non-twisting solid rotors
  • high performance belt drive
  • high throughput at low drive power
  • direct mounting of the knives on solid rotors
  • eliminating need for rotor knife adjustment
  • quick sieve and knife change
  • both rotor and stator knives can be re-sharpened many times
  • sieve sizes Ø 4 - 30 mm

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